Affirm Them Every Day To Actualise Your Full Potential


“The purpose of life  is to be happy.”

– His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Voices from the Heart

Is man a slave to circumstances? The modern sage believes that there is a way to circumvent, or bring about a positive change in one’s situation.

There is a three-stage process to create and manifest all that you aspire for in your life:
First, you Think. Second, you Feel. Third, you Act.

Every thought has a form and the potential to actualise itself. To fulfill your aspirations, you have to learn to direct the mind instead of allowing the mind to direct you. This means consciously directing the mind through positive affirmations.

Ancient Tibetan wisdom has given us ‘The 9 Positives’. These can help actualise your full potential and lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, and the relationship you share with Consciousness as a Whole.


The Kundalini Artworks

A Visual Journey In Meditation

My blessings for the success of your book and wonderful endeavour you are making to serve humanity.

From the Message given by Yogiraj Siddhanath

Several readers of the author’s earlier three books forming ‘The Kundalini Trilogy’ observed that just looking at the visuals depicting the visions seen during her meditations had triggered the Kundalini energy that had been lying dormant in them. It was then realised that the visuals themselves took on the role of the Guru (the Kundalini Shakti), enabling aspirants to walk along ‘Its’ path and progress on their spiritual journey. So it was decided to bring all the illustrations together in The Kundalini Artworks in the pristine state as Santosh saw and drew them. To achieve this, the supporting textual entries in ‘The Kundalini Trilogy’ have been removed. The visuals resonate with a powerful spiritual energy of their own.


Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean

A Visual Journey In Meditation

Conscious Flight into the Empyrean is a touching revelation of the mystical experience, brought to us by a modern woman of the Nineties.

The author learns meditation and in a flash she is catapulted into a world where pillars of light flower within, twinkling stars encircle her form, snakes twirl on top of her head, and invisible hands clean out the inside of her head with tiny brushes and other instruments. She travels through tunnels of light, has brief glimpses of past lives, and zooms into the incredible experience of oneness with the universe, becoming the sky, the river and the sea! This rare depiction of the visual unfolding of the Kundalini energy challenges conventional views of perception and experience.

The book is a first hand account of an extraordinary voyage into the subtle realms; with the author’s own illustrations of the visions seen in her daily meditations.


Kundalini Diary

A Visual Journey In Meditation

Kundalini Diary, a visual journey in meditation, dispels the general fear-mongering that has been created around the Kundalini. To everyone’s great relief, the author asserts a very real, very reassuring possibility that the arousal of the Kundalini can actually be a natural physiological process which anyone, who is willing to submit to its discipline and is dedicated to its pursuit, can initiate with a mind free of fear and dread.

Here, then, is a truly pioneering and unprecedented piece of work that not only describes but also visually represents many of the important processes and changes, transformations and insights that occur when the chakras are activated by the aroused Kundalini. Continuing in a similar vein as her earlier book Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean – the author records and illustrates her amazing encounters and experiences with this gentle force in the easy-to-read format of a Diary.

For those of you who have ventured into the mysterious realm of the awakened Consciousness, here is book you could well relate to. For those who have not experienced this phenomenon but practice meditation, and are curious about the nature of the Kundalini – this Diary will serve as a road map with significant signposts along the Kundalini path. Embark with it on a singular and what could, perhaps, be the most stimulating and rewarding journey in your life.


Kundalini Awakening

A Visual Journey In Meditation

The experiences recounted in this book bring to a peak the mystical events associated with the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

Rohit Arya ‘from his preface to this book’

In all the literature about the Kundalini, there has never been anything like this book and its illustrations in the delineation of the actual processes of its awakening. The illustrations of the workings of the ascending Kundalini energy are unique. The experiences recounted in this third volume are a culmination of Santosh’s spiritual journals, and bring to a peak the mystical events associated with the awakening of the Kundalini as described by her in Volumes I and II of her Kundalini books. The forms and scenes encountered by the inner eye are depicted with clarity and simplicity, and resonate with spiritual energy.

A typical example of the great merits of Santosh’s book lies in its pointing out that the chakra or chakras which need activation will be energized first, even if apparently out of linear sequence. This is of immense significance as many people spend inordinate amounts of time worrying that the process has gone awry. This book helps you understand that another person’s experience will never be precisely duplicated in your own meditations.

This third volume in the Kundalini journey is full of experiences underwritten by a universal context. These are not Hindu or yogic, but universal; such experiences are generic to the mystical tradition. Welcome to the path of transcendence that is the universal Kundalini.



The Kundalini Trilogy

The Complete Set – A Landmark In Kundalini Meditation

This set includes Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening. The three Kundalini books are a first-hand account describing, in vivid detail, the author’s extraordinary journey into the subtle realms. Accompanied by her own illustrations of the visions seen in daily meditations, they are in the form of a daily journal written in a simple language that the reader can identify with easily.

Santosh’s work is pioneering and unprecedented in visually and symbolically representing many of the important processes and changes, transformations and insights that occur when the chakras are activated by the aroused Kundalini. The forms and scenes witnessed by the inner eye are seen in all their clarity and resonate with spiritual energy. The books serve as a reference map with significant signposts on the Kundalini journey.

The reader is taken on a rapid tour, through many different and unusual states of consciousness, that accesses several global mythic themes. Revealed thereby are hopeful lessons in how astonishingly similar humans actually are, all attempts to assert the contrary notwithstanding. The experiences narrated range freely over the collective consciousness of humankind. Containing practical, experiential wisdom for all those who are on the path of meditation and the Kundalini, they also outline the broad principles of the Kundalini experience within which you can easily find your own individual context.

Here is living proof that the Kundalini is not to be dreaded but can become a good and wisely loving friend.


Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2

Questions & Answers

Her own awakening and continuing meditation (practice) have manifested into a deep peace, wisdom and understanding, and this book gives further evidence of all three qualities.

Suma Varughese, Editor, Life Positive Magazine

The awakening of the Kundalini energy, and the unusual experiences that come with its unfolding during meditation, raise several questions in the aspirant’s mind. Santosh Sachdeva offers the benefit of her knowledge and experience to guide you through the same with Kundalini Meditation – Question and Answers, Vol. 2. Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 1, Like this book is once again a unique contribution to writings on Kundalini. In her own calm manner, Santosh explains the inner workings of the powerful Mahashakti that is the Kundalini.

There may be something more in this book: a question or an incident that perhaps you could relate to, as you may have faced a similar situation. It’s quite likely that you may find the answer here that will quell your doubts and help you progress on your onward spiritual journey. Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2 does this with characteristic clarity and deep insight.


Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 1

Questions & Answers


Her writings are the outcome of many years of Kundalini experience – from initial awakening through the resultant, progressive process of ever-increasing, integrative wholeness.

From the Foreword by Master Charles Cannon

With a growing shift in the consciousness of the world today, the awakening of the Kundalini energy and unusual experiences associated with the process during meditation, have become more widespread. Yet, many questions remain and misconceptions abound. This book provides answers to some of the experiences and doubts that arise in such a spiritual practice. All the questions raised and answered in this book are from real-life events.

Santosh Sachdeva has undergone and intensively experienced the workings of the Kundalini energy. This was documented in her Kundalini Trilogy consisting of Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening. These three books represent a unique and unprecedented contribution to Kundalini literature, with unparalleled illustrative detail on the unfolding of the process.

This book is once again a unique contribution to Kundalini writing as, earlier, such credible and authentic advice was normally available only with reclusive masters. There may be something in this book – a question or an experience – that you could relate to as you may have had a similar doubt or experience. Hopefully, the answer will help you on your onward spiritual journey.

Also included are relevant comments by Master Charles Cannon, an American mystic and disciple of Siddha Yoga Master, Swami Muktananda Paramahansa, which offer a contemporary understanding of the subject.

If you have picked up this book, you are probably at some stage of Kundalini awakening and are seeking answers to, and reassurance on, the process of its unfolding. If so, you will perhaps find your answers in this book.


The Eight Spiritual Breaths

Breathing Exercises And Affirmations That Transform Your Life


It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final hours. But what would have been even better is that you would have continued with your practice.

The Buddha to his disciples

When Padmasambhava, the renowned yogi and teacher at the University of Nalanda migrated to Tibet with a select group of disciples, he continued to share his knowledge with those he considered worthy to receive it. According to legend, among his teachings was a set of powerful Breathing Exercises designed to help human beings realise their highest potential.

Centuries later, a spiritual seeker from the West journeyed to Tibet to learn this sacred knowledge. After returning, he formulated a course based on these Breathing Exercises that he taught to his students, and also offered through correspondence to spiritual aspirants everywhere.

In 1977, this course of Breathing Exercises was taught by Swami K. S. Ramanathan, founder of the Brahma Vidya Mission in Mumbai. The author herself completed this course under the guidance of her guru, Justice M. L. Dudhat. A sincere and dedicated practise of the Eight Breathing Exercises, along with their respective Affirmations, can result in: • enhancement of creative potential • increased levels of calmness • improved health and higher energy levels • achievement of personal goals in an effortless manner. The course provides one with all the necessary steps required to achieve mastery of one`s life across all dimensions.

The Eight Spiritual Breaths is intended to serve as a guide to aspirants on the spiritual path and enable an increased and better understanding of who we are, and why we are here. This book has come at a time when we are now ready to take the challenge and responsibility of our own personal and spiritual growth.


Who Am I?

A Visual Journey Of Self-discovery On The Path Of KundalINI

Down the ages, this is the ultimate question that has intrigued aspirants on the spiritual path and has been addressed by renowned sages, time and again. In fact, it was the mainstay of the revered Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi’s teaching – the core of which was the spirit of continuous ‘self-inquiry’.

“When this question arose within me,” writes Santosh Sachdeva, “my body-mind organism embarked on a roller coaster journey into the subtler realms of existence. I have always held that ‘seeing is believing’, and was given a step-by-step visual knowledge that would lead me to the answer. This involved the transformation of my mental, emotional and physical bodies through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and then through Bhakti Yoga, Dhyana Yoga and Jnana Yoga.”

Santosh’s illustrations are based on experiences in her meditations. They are supported with validation of her experiences by various Masters who have also addressed the question of ‘Who am I?’ in their writings.

Bringing together the streams of Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Dhyana Yoga and Jnana Yoga, Who am I? serves as a guide to the infinite possibilities hidden in us and the larger spiritual-scape that opens with self-discovery.


Sacred Flames

Religious Forms And Symbols In The Yagna Fires
Santosh Sachdeva and Rohit Arya

Symbols sacred to Hinduism were first revealed to the sages – in the fires of the yagna.

This little book sparkles with the radiance of the sacred fires of the agni yagnas, and the images of divinity occasionally seen in the rising flames. It was in the flames of the yagna that the forms of gods, goddesses and symbols sacred to the Hindus were first revealed to the Vedic sages. Now, advances in technology have made it possible to capture those forms in their original fiery state.

These images are very powerful in aiding spiritual growth. They also help you to focus during meditation. Kept along with the deities in your puja or prayer room, they create vibrations of abundance, tranquility and auspicious circumstances in your life.

Among the sacred symbols that arose and were identified in the yagna flames were the Om, the Swastik, the Trishul and the Lingam, among others.

  • Learn to conduct a simple mini-yagna on your own, with appropriate mantras.
  • Get instructed in the process of meditation involving the images seen in the flames.
  • Take a step forward in the emergent spiritual consciousness of our times with this book. Includes three beautiful picture cards.